The controllers of the FX1S series deliver outstanding functionality with up to 30 inputs and outputs in a very compact package. The FX1S is ideal for applications in difficult-to-access installations and systems where normal servicing is not possible. The integrated real-time clock and maintenance-free EEPROM with capacity for up to 2,000 program steps make the FX1S an autonomous and very service-friendly system. FX1S Part Series base units are 10,14,20,30 input/output points relay and transistor 
Small and cost efficient, micro FX2N PLCs have opened up a world of opportunities for manufacturers, with new applications never before considered, such as barriers to security systems and more. Mitsubishi Electrics micro PLCs feature one of the worlds best-selling, cost-effective products, with high compatibility. Each PLC offers a unique benefit, from ultra small size to wide application versatility. FX2N Part Series base units are 16,32,48,80,128 input/output points relay and transistor 
FX2N : 
The FX2N has set the standards in the industrial automation sector and is one of the biggest-selling controllers worldwide. It has many features normally found in larger controllers like floating-point math, the ability to process 32-bit data words and a wide range of fully-configurable communications options. 



Our company is dedicated ourself in the distribution of world branded automation products such as Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron, Automation products. Specializing in Modular PLCs, Micro PLCs, Servomotors, Servo Drivers, Frequency Inverters, Human-machine interfaces (HMI), Control components, we have large stock and data base, also many cooperative companies, we hope to serve our customers with competitive prices and good services!
The enhanced networking support has also increased the I/O capacity of the new flagship model, which can now be expanded to a maximum of 384 I/Os, including networked connections. FX3U Part Series base units are 16,32,64,80,128 input/output points relay and transistor
The new MELSEC FX3UC CPU brings greater flexibility and more performance to applications which do not have space for traditional style PLC's. Like all other members of the FX family, each FX3UC PLC consists of a fully-integrated base unit that contains all the necessary PLC components, from the CPU to memory and the I/O controller.
High-end Performance in a Compact Package
PLC systems from Mitsubishi Electric are pioneering technology leaders delivering exceptional reliability and performance.
We close the gap between the automation and the IT levels.

Programmable safety controller

The iQ Platform MELSEC System Q – Tomorrow’s Controller Platform Today
  • Flexible and scalable automation architecture
  • PLC, motion, robot and NC technology on a single platform
  • PLC CPU with a cycle time of just 9.5ns
  • Integrated Ethernet port
  • Self-diagnostics with error history integrated in the CPU
  • Supports memory expansion up to 32MB
  • Supports remote diagnostics and programming
  • Flexible, cycle-oriented data management with a data logger module
  • Smooth communication with the management IT level via MES and MES IT Interface Module
  • Application-oriented Safety PLC solutions with safety relay module and safety PLC, including a secure network
  • Caters to special requirements of process and hybrid applications with process PLC and ready-to-use closed-loop control algorithms
  • Enhanced system availability with redundant PLC architecture using standard components
  • Remote I/O systems with hot swap functionality
  • Comprehensive portfolio of I/O modules
  • Programmable with IEC 1131.3/EN 61131-3 compatible software, or in high-level languages like C++ and Visual Basic with a PC CPU
  • Soft PLC available for the PC CPU
Operator terminal with touch screen / graphic HMI GOT 
he GT1000 series of touch screen operation terminals has set new standards in human machine communication. Designed keeping in mind customer's requirements, this series offers features combined with advanced technology and enhanced with the experience drawn from other series. This series offers operation friendly products for programmers, service staffs well as operators


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