"Compact and powerful: The SIMATIC S7-200 Micro PLC is fast, communication-capable and highly productive in real-time mode.
The consistently modular design facilitates the creation of tailor-made, expandable solutions in the low-end performance range.
The S7-200 Micro PLC from Siemens can be used as either a stand-alone Micro PLC solution or in conjunction with other controllers."
S7 1200 
"SIMATIC S7-1200 for micro automation: Compact and powerful
The brand new Siemens S7-1200 compact controller comes with software that is truly revolutionary. Now you can program PLC, HMI and Networking logic seamlessly. This PLC includes built-in Ethernet, Digital and Analog Inputs, Motion Control I/O, and more! The S7-1200 hardware and software package breaks barriers never before broken in the world of micro PLCs! "
S7 300 
"The SIMATIC S7-300 has been designed for innovative system solutions with the focus on manufacturing engineering, and as a universal automation system, it represents an optimal solution for applications in centralized and distributed configurations: "
S7 400 
"Within the Controller family, the SIMATIC S7-400 is designed for system solutions in the manufacturing and process automation.
The product range comprises 9 Standard CPUs, 2 failsafe and 2 high available CPUs. "
The SIMATIC panel portfolio offers the right solution for every application, from a simple keypad panel through mobile and stationary operator interfaces right up to a performant all-rounder – rugged, compact and multiple interface options. 
Brilliant display screens and error-free ergonomic operation with either keypad or a touch screen operator interfaces provide added value. 

170 series 
6 inch Multi Panel with TFTcolor display and Touch operation 

270 series 
8 and 10 inch Multi Panel with TFT color display and touch operation or membrane keyboard 

370 series 
12, 15 and 19 inch Multi Panel with TFTcolor display and touch operation and a 12 inch device with Membrane Keypad
STEP 7 Basic 
As the APACS hardware evolved, the step 7 platform emerged as the next generation in DCS / PLC systems. With its use of variable scan-times and robust hardware, it gives the speed of a PLC with the versatility of a DCS system. Our integrators have large amounts of experience with STEP 7 - let us save you time and money.
STEP 7 Manager
SIMATIC STEP 7 Basis is the core engineering environment allowing you to minimize the design, development, and maintenance costs of your SIMATIC system. It includes all of the necessary tools to design, implement, simulate and maintain control solutions based on SIMATIC Control Platforms (S7-300, S7-400, C7, WinAC PC-Based Control, and ET200 CPUs), offering unparalleled scalability in both functionality and performance.
HMI software For PC & HMI 
Simatic WinCC Flexible 

"The SIMATIC WinCC Flexible software is an integrated family of tools for configuring the SIMATIC HMI operator units. The uniformity of configuration software reduces training, maintenance and updating requirements . Minimisation of configuration requirements through repeated use of scalable, dynamic objects.
Intelligent tools for simple and efficient configuration:
Wizard for definition of basic structure for an HMI project.
Table based editors simplify the generation and processing of objects of the same type.
Graphic configuration simplifies complex tasks such as the definition of trajectories or the generation of fundamental operator prompting"

Lets face it, the graphics tell the whole story. By using Siemens WinCC Operating System (OS), we are able to more accurately display the plant's action and give more meaningful feedback to those that control and monitor its status.
As the world demands cheaper fuels and more green systems, CAE recognizes the responsibility we have in designing control systems. By utilizing the latest technologies within the Siemen's PCS7 systems, CAE has the ability to control oil and gas plants, paper mills, bio-diesel plants or any plant needing automation with the most advanced control systems in the world.


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